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APRIL 22, 2010
Timbers score in 17 seconds, then dominate for 90 minutes in 3-0 win over St. Louis

It only took 17 seconds for the Timbers to take the lead against AC St. Louis on Thursday, but it was 90 minutes of domination that resulted in a 3-0 win as Ryan Pore would score twice in the first half, with OJ Obatola scoring in the second half. Steve Cronin and Matt Pyzdrowski would share the shutout in front of the smallest home crowd in two years, with only 5,893 in the crowd on the same night as a home Trailblazers playoff game.

Right off the opening kick, Brian Farber would intercept a St. Louis pass, and started an attack down the right side that saw George Josten making a nice pass to an overlapping Farber, who found OJ Obatola at the top of the box, who then played an unselfish pass to a wide open Ryan Pore to his left, whose shot was partially blocked by St. Louis goalkeeper Alec Dufty, but found it’s way into the net with 0:17 showing on the clock, and the fastest goal in Timbers USL history had put the Timbers up 1-0. It was the first time the Timbers have scored in the first minute since Alan Gordon put the Timbers up 1-0 over Seattle on May 1, 2004, the opening game of the 2004 season, when Gordon scored after 28 seconds.

St. Louis would have their first look at goal in the 8h minute when Elvir Kafedzic had a brief look from the top of the Timbers box, but his shot was blocked by defender Quavas Kirk. Neither team really threatened again until the 21st minute when a backheel from Obatola had Farber with a good look from a tight angle, but his shot was over the crossbar.

Three minutes later, the visitors had a great chance when Manuel Kante made a good run into the box down the right side, with only a solid sliding tackle by Steve Purdy ending the threat. In the 30th minute, AC St. Louis had perhaps their best chance of the half when Allex Titton had a nice pass to his foot as he ran diagonally into the Timbers box, but his first touch failed him, and the ball went over the endline harmlessly.

Three minutes later, a corner kick found the head of St. Louis midfielder John Traynor, whose shot was headed towards the Timbers net but was cleared off the line by Tony McManus, and then a follow up cross was cleared from the box by Stephen Keel.

Just before the half, St. Louis had another good scoring chance when Traynor had a good chance from a tight angle to the right of Timbers goalkeeper Steve Cronin from only 10 yards away, but his hard shot was well over the crossbar.

In first half stoppage time though, a St. Louis mistake would double the Timbers lead when Jeff Cosgriff made a soft pass attempt back to his goalkeeper, which was intercepted by Josten, who moved to the endline, and played the ball unselfishly back to an open Pore, who blasted into the open net for a 2-0 Timbers lead, which was the score at the half.

Four minutes into the second half, it would be the visitors who had the first good chance, when Titton turned on the ball at the top of the Timbers box, but this shot was smothered by Cronin. In the 54th minute, the Timbers would come within inches of taking a three goal lead when a corner kick by Pore was headed by Kirk, but hit off the right post and back out before the rebound was knocked harmlessly over the endline. Seconds later, on the counterattack, AC. St. Louis had a great chance when Traynor made a nice run down the left side, but his blast from 20 yards out was wide of the left post.

The game was now a wide-open, end-to-end affair and a minute later, the Timbers had another good scoring chance when James Marcelin had a good look from the top of the St. Louis box, but his chip shot attempt was a few yards wide right. Shortly afterwards, the Timbers were on the attack again when Pore played a nice through ball to Farber as he charged into the St. Louis box, but his blast was also just wide right.

In the 59th minute, only a great diving save from Dufty kept the Timbers from scoring again, when off a Pore free kick, a header by Josten appeared headed in, but Dufty’s quick reaction save to his left kept the game at 2-0.

But it wouldn’t take long for the Timbers to get that third goal, when St. Louis defender Dillon Barna was pressured into a defensive mistake in his own end, and after a tight series of passes, Pore found Obatola open at the top of the box, and the Timbers forward took one step to set up the shot, then blasted a low left-footed shot to Dufty’s right and into the net, and the new Timber had his first goal in the US, and the Timbers had a 3-0 lead.

Set pieces by Pore were continuing to cause havoc for the expansion side from St. Louis, and in the 68th minute, a Pore free kick found Purdy charging in at the far post, but he was only able to get a glancing shot that was over the endline. On the ensuing goal kick, another bad pass deep in the St. Louis end of the pitch gave Josten a free shot from the top of the St. Louis box, but his shot slipped a yard or two wide left.

Off the ensuing goal kick, Traynor had a dangerous cross from the right side headed clear by a diving header by Kirk. Second later, Traynor had another good chance in a crowded Timbers box, but his shot was blocked by Purdy and cleared.

The Timbers largely kept possession for the rest of the match, but the visitors nearly stole a goal late against the run of play when after a steal deep in the Timbers end of the pitch, defender Anthony O’Garro’s curling blast from 25 yards out was beyond the outstretched fingers of Timbers goalkeeper Matt Pyzdrowski, but hit of the outside of the right post and was over the endline.

The Timbers had late chances from Takayuki Suzuki and Alex Nimo that were saved by Dufty, but the Timbers would hold on for the 3-0 win to start the season with two home wins.

Steve Cronin recorded one save for the Timbers while Matt Pyzdrowki was not credited with any saves, while Alec Dufty was credited with two saves for AC St. Louis.

(Click each pic to get a much larger picture)

Timbers Army pre-match

Starting lineups

Timbers huddle before the match

Ryan Pore's shot trickles into the net for a 1-0 Timbers lead

The Timbers Army celebrates

Timber Joey cuts a slice off the log

This yellow card actually went to the St. Louis player behind the referee, not to Brian Farber

OJ Obatola marked by Christian Nzinga

George Josten on the attack chased by Tim Velten

Josten taps the ball past Alec Dufty after intercepting a pass-back..

..and Josten spots an open Ryan Pore..

..who has an easy chance at an open St. Louis net..

..and converts to put the Timbers up 2-0

The Timbers celebrate the goal

A travel-weary Gavin Wilkinson on the sideline

A Quavas Kirk header off a Pore corner kick..

..hits off the right post but stays out

Farber shoots just wide right

Pore prepares for the corner kick

AC St. Louis defender Mark Bloom with the throw-in

Josten marked tightly by Ryan Moore and Nzinga

Dufty smothers a Josten header

Obatola about to shoot and score to put the Timbers up 3-0

Obatola and the Timbers celebate in front of the Timbers Army

Smoke bombs go off in the north end

Stephen Keel flicks a header well wide of goal

Scot Thompson gets his first start at left back

Takayuki Suzuki moves the ball near the sideline

Kirk with the throw-in

The Timbers celebrate the win in front of the Timbers Army

Match report and all photos by Allison Andrews E-mail at

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