Sounders thump the Timbers 4-1
April 28, 2002 at Sammamish High School, Bellevue, Washington
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Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar challenges Andrew Gregor
14' - Seattle: Brian Ching (Leighton O'Brien)
22' - Seattle: Jason Ferrell (Darren Sawatzky)
34' - Seattle: Darren Sawatzky (Brian Ching)
36' - Seattle: Jason Ferrell (Brian Ching)
44' - Portland: Vadim Tolstolutsky (Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar)

The Timbers experimented with a new lineup on Sunday in their Canterbury Cup Preseason Tournament match against the Seattle Sounders, but neither the lineup nor the new 3-5-2 formation could hold back the Sounders, who exploded in the first half for a 4-1 win over the Timbers in front of an announced crowd of 46,127 (which was more like 1,200) at Sammamish High School in Bellevue, Washington. Jason Ferrell scored twice for the Sounders, while Brian Ching had an goal and two assists and Darren Sawatzky had a goal and an assist for the Sounders. Vadim Tolstolutsky had the lone goal for the Timbers.

After having played the night before in Vancouver, the Timbers emptied their bench for this one, starting Rees Bettinger and trialist Noah Delgado at forward. In the first few minutes, the Timbers had a few good runs down the right side by Ben Somoza, but his crosses were cleared easily. After the Sounders had made a few good runs but had long shots that went wide or were easily saved, they had their first good chance in the 13th minute when a Brian Ching cross deflected off Darren Sawatzky's hip, right to Viet Nguyen, but his shot was blocked by Gavin Wilkinson and cleared. But one minute later, the Sounders made their chance pay off when a Leighton O'Brien cross found Ching 8 yards out, and his header went off the crossbar and down into the goal to put the Sounders up 1-0.

The latest addition to the Timbers, Sean McAuley

Three minutes later, the Timbers had a good opportunity when after a corner kick, a loose ball in the box was struck by Timbers forward Rees Bettinger, but it was blocked by a defender and cleared easily. The Timbers had an even better chance in the 21st minute when a Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar cross from deep in the corner found Delgado about 15 yards out, and he chipped nicely over the out-of-position Sounders keeper, but the ball was cleared off the line by Seattle defender Ryan Edwards. In the very next minute, the Sounders struck again when Sawatzky made a good run down the right side, and crossed to an open Jason Ferrell, who had slipped away from Somoza and was open from 8 yards out, and put the ball just under the bar to put the Sounders up 2-0.

In the 28th minute, the Sounders were on the attack again when Ching hit a hard shot from 20 yards, but Timbers goalkeeper Matt Napoleon made a good save. In the next minute, the Timbers had another good scoring chance when Delgado got behind the Sounders defense and managed to slip a shot behind Sounders goalkeeper Preston Burpo, but once again, his shot was cleared off the line, this time by Scott Jenkins.

In the 34th minute, the Sounders once again took advantage of the Timbers 3-man back line when Ching played a free kick from midfield into the box to Sawatzky, who had freed himself from his defender and headed over Napoleon to give the Sounders a 3-0 lead..

Preston Burpo snares the cross

Two minutes later, the Timbers were once again threatening, and once again it was Delgado behind the defense, this time on a one-on-one with Burpo, but he only managed a weak shot towards the lower left corner, that was easily smothered by Burpo. But shortly afterward, the Sounders pushed deep into the Timbers box, and after a scramble near the line, a short chip in front of the goal from Ching appeared to be knocked down by Ferrell's left hand, but no call was made, and Ferrell buried the shot into the open net from 3 yards out to give the home side a 4-0 lead.

The Timbers finally were able to put the ball in the net in the 44th minute when after a Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar free kick from 45 yards out was played to Vadim Tolstolutsky, who hit a hard low shot from 30 yards out that hit off the right post and went in to make the score 4-1. The Timbers nearly cut the lead to two goals in extra time when once again Delgado had an open chance from about 15 yards out, but once again, his shot was cleared from in front of the goal by a Sounders defender, and the half ended with the Sounders up 4-1.

In the 48th minute, the Sounders nearly extended the lead when a free kick by Kyle Smith from 35 yards out hit the outside of the left post but rebounded out and then was cleared. In the 51st minute, Sounders midfielder attempted to chip Timbers goalkeeper Chris Smith from 15 yards out, but after the ball bounced several times on top of the bar, Smith was able to tap it over for the corner.

The play was not nearly as wide open in the 2nd half, with the Timbers players tiring a bit, and the Sounders substituting most of their regulars out. In the 64th minute, Sounders forward Craig Tomlinson hit a hard shot from 25 yards out that was smothered by a diving Smith. The next good scoring chance came in the 75th minute when a Jenkins shot from 30 yards out once again rattled the left post, but then deflected to the corner and was cleared. In the 82nd minute, the Timbers had their last good chance of the day when after Fadi Afash managed to free the ball from the attempted grasp of the Sounders keeper, and flicked it in front of the goal to a charging Bettinger, who missed an open net from only 5 yards out when his shot went over the net when it seemingly was much more difficult to miss than score. Neither team threatened again and the Sounders won the championship of the Canterbury Classic Preseason Tournament with a 4-1 win.

Rees Bettinger going for the header for the Timbers
Starters will be added tomorrow.
Burpo tips the ball high
A Scott Benedetti header goes across the goal mouth
Benedetti and Darren Sawatzky track a high ball when Ben Somoza looks on
More 1st half action
1st half goal-mouth action
Afash goes for a steal from behind

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