Timbers dominate, but still manage another 1-0 loss
May 16, 2002 at PGE Park, Portland, Oregon
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Jake Sagare goes down in front of Jason Russell
90'+ - Milwaukee: John Wolyniec (Digital Takawira)

The Timbers offense finally showed some signs of life on Thursday night as they created many chances inside the Rampage box, and kept the Rampage defense under pressure for almost the entire match. But in the end, it was a seemingly innocent roller that was the difference in the game as the Milwaukee Rampage escaped PGE Park with a 1-0 win over the Portland Timbers. John Wolyniec scored on a low shot for the Rampage in stoppage time and sent the Timbers to their fifth straight loss in front of a crowd of 5,354.

The Timbers took control of the match right from the start, and in just the 6th minute, Jake Sagare played a good cross into the box that McKinley Tennyson got his head to, but it went harmlessly over the bar. Four minutes later, the home team had one of their better chances of the night when Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar stole an errant pass at about 35 yards out from goal and tried to move around Rampage goalkeeper Dan Popik at the top of the box, but his attempted left foot shot was nicely kicked away by Popik to end the threat.

Just one minute later Timbers defender Brent Sancho made a deep run down the right side, and an attempted header by forward Noah Delgado had good pace, but went just wide right. Six minutes later, Alcaraz-Cuellar made a nice pass into the run of Sagare down the left side, but Sagare couldn't keep the ball close enough on the dribble and Popik smothered the ball. In the 24th minute, the Rampage had their first good scoring opportunity when they were awarded a free kick just outside the Timbers box, but the shot went into the wall and harmlessly out for a corner. But off the ensuing corner kick, the ball was loose in the box for a few seconds and two Rampage shots were saved, the first by goalkeeper Matt Napoleon, and the second by defender Gavin Wilkinson, and the ball was cleared.

The Rampage had their best run of the game during the last 20 minutes of the first half, and had another good chance in the 25th minute when a John Wolyniec header off a cross from 15 yards out went just over the bar. In the 30th minute, Alcaraz-Cuellar had another good run down the right side, and his cross into the run of Delgado looked dangerous, but the Rampage defender shielded him from the ball until Popik could control the cross.

Two minutes later, a cross from Sancho bounced in the box, and to the foot of Alcaraz-Cuellar, who turned on the ball from 15 yards out, but managed only a weak bouncing shot that went wide left.

Brent Sancho attempting to avoid a Milwaukee challenge

The Rampage had another good opportunity when Steve Bernal made a run towards the top of the box from the right side, but his shot from 25 yards out went just right. Two minutes later, the Rampage had another good chance when Wolyniec turned on a shot from 15 yards out, but the shot was right at Napoleon for the easy save. The half ended with the Timbers having had the better chances, but the match was still scoreless.

Neither team had much of a scoring opportunity in the second half until the 58th minute when a Timbers corner kick by Alcaraz-Cuellar found the head of defender Bryn Ritchie, whose hard shot from just 8 yards out went barely wide right. In the 68th and 69th minutes, crosses from the right side were met by headers from Ritchie and Tennyson respectively, but neither was able to put the shot on net.

The Timbers were now keeping the ball in the attacking half of the field nearly all the time, and in the 73rd minute, Sancho turned inside from a run down the right side and came diagonally into the box but was pinched between two Rampage defenders and went down, ending the challenge. Four minutes later, Timbers midfielder Brian Winters made a run into the box and was taken down, seemingly a few feet inside the box, but the referee awarded the free kick outside the box instead of awarding a penalty, and the free kick attempt by Keith Costigan went over the bar.

Noah Delgado marked by Bobby Brennan

Just one minute later, Timbers midfielder Scott Benedetti made a great run from 40 yards down the right side, and made a nice cross to a wide open Chugger Adair, who had the ball on his feet 18 yards out with nobody except the goalkeeper to beat, but after seeming to have all the time he wanted to make a move on Popik, but he instead took a shot from 15 yards out for the top right corner and missed wide. In the 79th minute, the Timbers once again had a good chance with a ball loose inside the box, but couldn't put a shot on net.

In the 80th minute, after a long shot was blocked, Portland's Ben Somoza played a nice pass to Rees Bettinger, who couldn't get a lot on the ball, but it seemed to be heading towards crossing the line until it was cleared off the line at the last minute by a Rampage defender.

During the next 10 minutes, the Timbers continued to control the ball nearly all of the time, with Sagare making runs down the right side, and Somoza or Sancho making runs down the right side, but the crosses were being cleared easily as the Adair and Bettinger were not able to get to the crosses. In the 90th minute, there was a harbinger of things to come when the Timbers let Digital Takawira get deep into the Timbers end and his shot from 25 yards out had to be pushed left by a diving Napoleon.

At the other end, a deflected Timbers shot brought Popik out and Bettinger was able to get around him on a bouncing ball, but he was at too extreme and angle and his shot went wide right.

But then, about two minutes into stoppage time, when overtime seemed assured, a seemingly innocent 2 on 4 attack had Milwaukee's Takawira making a diagonal run to the top of the box, where he slid the ball over to Wolyniec, who took a low rolling shot from 20 yards out that looked to have no chance to go in, but it slipped past Napoleon's diving save attempt and trickled into the net and shocked the Timbers crowd, who had just watched a dominating Timbers performance turn into a 1-0 loss. The game ended about 90 seconds later without the Timbers able to get another shot on goal.

Timber Jim stays atop the pole, waiting for the Timbers to score
Time: Thursday, May 16, 2002. 7:05 pm PDT
Venue: PGE Park, Portland, Oregon
Weather: 63 degrees, light rain at times
Attendance: 5,354


Bilyk (43')
Delay of game
Radoncic (51')
Hard tackle
Rivillo (72')
Hard tackle

Steve Bernial and Bryn Ritchie challenge for the header
Portland (4-4-2)
(Green and white stiped jersey, White shorts, White and green socks)
McKinley Tennyson
(Chugger Adair 74')
Noah Delgado
(Rees Bettinger 56')
Jake SagareBrian WintersHugo Alcaraz-Cuellar (Ben Somoza 66')Scott Benedetti
Keith CostiganGavin WilkinsonBryn RitchieBrent Sancho
Matt Napoleon
Craig Smith, Sean McAuley, Vadim Tolstolutsky
(Yellow jersey with black trim, Black shorts, Black socks)
John WolyniecDigital Takawira
Dennis Fadeski (Bobby Brennan 33')Jason RussellBato Radoncic (Sean Reti 51')Angel Rivillo
Jeff BilykJeremy AldrichDestin MakumbuSteve Bernal
Dan Popik
Jeff Richey, San Sucevic, David Henning
Dan Popik smothers a Timbers shot
John Wolyniec marked by Gavin Wilkinson
Ritchie marks as Wolyniec looks for a long ball
Dennis Fadeski and McKinley Tennyson go down after a collision in the box
Tennyson controls the ball along the sideline
Ritchie heads towards goal
Match report and all photos by Allison Andrews

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