Who is Timber Jim?
Timber Jim (aka Jim Serrill) has been synonymous with the Portland Timbers since he first brought his chainsaw to a Timbers game in 1978. When the Timbers re-emerged in 2001, it was only natural that Timber Jim would be there, arriving in spectacular fashion for the first game on May 11, 2001 on a Harley Davidson, and wearing a leather jacket.

Timber Jim continues to thrill the crowds at PGE Park, with the Timbers now in their fourth season since returning in 2001. He still excites the crowd with his cheers, still cuts of a piece of the log for each goal, and he can still be seen swinging from the rafters or atop the pole at PGE Park. For Timbers fans who have enjoyed watching soccer at PGE Park (nee Civic Stadium) for the past 30 years, Timber Jim is as much a part of the framework of the stadum as the metal rafters and the MAC balcony. It simply wouldn't be the same without him.

Below is a small sample of photographs and newspaper articles that have appeared over the years. Each of these are clickable to bring up a much larger version of the photo or scan. Feel free to click around and enjoy!

From the July, 1980 edition of "Oregon" magazine

Timber Jim shows his stuff for the original NASL Timbers

Swinging from the rafters is still a Timber Jim trademark

This picture appeared on the front page of the July 17, 2001 Portland Tribune

Timber Jim prepares to saw another piece off the log in a recent game against Edmonton

Another early picture of Timber Jim

Want to know the difference between Timber Jim and the Portland Beaver? This July 4, 2002 feature in the Oregonian will clear it all up for you!

From the July 8, 1978 Oregon Journal

From the July, 2001 edition of PGE's "News Line"

Timber Jim even has his own lager!